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Star Tribune - "The legend of Chris Perricelli lives on, and here’s the best proof yet that it’s no myth. The Prince-sized rocker is well-known locally for brandishing giant guitar riffs, booming drums and a general rock ’n’ roll enormity that belies both his diminutive stature and today’s tight-jeaned, tight-to-the-vest, indie-rock shoegazer mob mentality." - Chris Riemenschneider

Hymies Record Store - "The success of Original Face is how Pericelli’s lyrics stand in contract to their presentation. “Face” features metaphysical lyrics in what could have been a track from Aerosmith’s Get Your Wings — bassist Brian Herb and drummer Sean Gilchrist make this work. The next track (“The Builder”) shifts into heavy romp T Rex mode and the trio romps through one of the best retro rock performances the Twin Cities has produced in recent years. Of course Marc Bolan, Mick Ronson and all those other glam heroes cut their teeth in that mod scene — they had original faces just as you and I do." - Dave Hoenack

Pioneer Press - "St. Paul guitar hero Chris Perricelli has returned to action with his latest Little Man album, "Original Face." It's another strong collection of songs with a heavy '70s glam rock influence. (The album's cover even pays homage to David Bowie's classic "Aladdin Sane" sleeve.) - Ross Raihala

City Pages-GimmeNoise - (Interview) "When was the last time you heard a voice like that of Little Man's Chris Perricelli? Bewitching and hypnotic, the singer fronts the Minneapolis rock band with his magnetic aura. The group's newest album Original Face is full of nuance and smart construction..." -Youa Vang

89.3 The Current local blog - (Interview) "As one of the Twin Cities’ premier guitar players, Chris Perricelli has earned a reputation for channeling the feedback-drenched squalor of rock ‘n’ roll days gone by. So it’s no surprise that his latest album, Original Face, is bursting with heady riffs and powerhouse choruses that hearken back to the glory days of ’70s rock." -Andrea Swensson

RiftMagazine - "I usually don't start an album review with thank you but, why not? Thank you Little Man for making this record. Get ready to love Original Face. Here's why..." -Becca Martin, April 2014

L'Etoile Magazine (scroll to Friday April 18) "Guitarist/frontman/songwriter Christopher Perricelli has made quite a name for himself as Little Man, establishing himself as an axeman non pareil and a songwriter influenced by the catchier/cleverer parts of 70s power pop with tons of guitar pomp that you might not have heard since the glory days of Queen. Original Face is quite a damn blast, full of great melodies and tons of pyrotechnics." -Jon Hunt


The Onion A.V. Club - Little Man is really just pint-sized Chris Perricelli, and he’s an f’ing rockstar—an all-too-vanishing trait in underground music. A cross between Marc Bolan of T.Rex and Ray Davies of the Kinks, the Twin Cities transplant exudes ’70s radio rock: towering riffs, sticky hooks, and oozing sex. Little Man has been a scene staple for the past decade and is now celebrating the release of its Orbital Amusement EP, a self-described “astral modern rock album.” The best rock ’n’ roll is channeled from the brain and the loins, a sentiment Perricelli takes to heart.

L’Etoile Magazine - Take everything you love about classic rock heroes Led Zepplin – the fuzzy guitar wizardry, powerful bass lines and echoed vocals – throw in a blues rock reminiscent of The Black Keys and a vintage cosmic twist that would make Barbarella and Flash Gordon proud, and you have the celestial sounds of Little Man.

From Q&A with The Onion's A.V. Club - Little Man’s new six-song EP might be called Orbital Amusements, but it’s grounded in swampy, earthy riffage like nothing the band has done before. That’s neither a bad thing, or an unrecognizable shift: The crunchy, swirling, and psychedelic ’70s sound of T. Rex and Led Zeppelin is still there in guitarist and songwriter Chris Perricelli’s playing, and the George Harrison-esque, Zen Buddhist-inspired spirituality in his lyrics is as strong as ever.       - C. Bahn.

Star Tribune - "...Little Man turns up the fuzz, haze and sheer electricity on its new EP, "Orbital Amusement." Frontman/namesake Chris Perricelli channels everyone from Foghat and Big Star to Smashing Pumpkins and Queens of the Stone Age on the five-song collection..." - C. Riemenschneider

Cake In 15 - It’s no big secret that Chris Perricelli of Little Man is one of the most innovative and exciting rock and roll guitarists in town.

Pioneer Press -
The always terrific Chris Perricelli - aka Little Man - releases a new EP, "Orbital Amusement" tonight at the Turf Club with Red Pens and the Rockford Mules. While Perricelli's vocal resemblance to the late, great T. Rex mainman Marc Bolan remains undeniable, he claims Led Zeppelin's first album, "Flash Gordon"-era Queen and the Smashing Pumpkins as influences on the new disc. Every one of the six songs on the disc sound instantly familiar and should provide the ideal soundtrack for the impending summer. - Ross Raihala


Minneapolis Star Tribune - Music: Little Man, Big 'Mind'
"The 5-foot-2 rocker exudes confidence and energy on stage, bearing a charisma that's much bigger than he is.... Man, what a rock star." - C. Riemenschneider, Star Tribune.
The Onion
"Equal parts Bowie and Bodhisattva, Chris Perricelli mixes spiritual insight with massive riffs for maximum impact..." R.V. Alstyne, The Onion.
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